As a Business Leader, does your people's capability or performance keep you up at night?

The Business Leaders of Today don't have to do it all by themselves. Executive Coaches help them to improve their leadership capability and also create a capable second line of leadership to enable better performance on the job.


According to ICF-HCI 2018 survey, coaching results in productivity improvements (65%), positive change outcomes (59%) and employee satisfaction (82%),  The ROI on coaching is 7X the investment.

When do you need coaching?

Training is not enough to translate knowledge into action

Focussed learning needs to be enabled for specific groups, teams or individuals

You need to up the game working across the three Horizons of Growth

You need non-directive, non-judgmental support

Service Offerings

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Team Coaching

If you are a leader who leads a team having a common objective and you would like them to connect and work effectively, Team Coaching will work for you!

Outcomes: Higher team effectiveness, Performance, Ability to move towards stretch goals.

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Executive Coaching One-on-One

If you are a leader who would like to help yourself and people at your skip levels improve on their performance, transitions, behavioural change etc., Executive Coaching is for you!

Outcomes: Career growth, Role transitions, Improved performance, Behaviour change, Managing up, Managing down and Managing laterally. 

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Group Coaching

If you are a cross functional leader leading a group driving disparate functions or objectives and you would like them to work together more effectively on organisational goals, Group Coaching will work well for you!

Outcomes: Greater synergy, Collaboration, Progress towards strategic goals, Managing peer relationships, Influencing without structure and Managing diversity.