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This is Priya Venkatesan. Happy to explore with you if I can be the right coach for you! You can find some information here about me before you book the free demo session with me.

My Story

I have around 24+ years of experience, 15 years in the corporate sector and 9 years in coaching.

I worked in the IT industry leading large programs when a calling to do work of greater impact & service came to me.


I pursued it for last 10 years and to my contentment, have been a witness to life unfolding to its best in my clients. My clients have got their desired growth, built strategic skills, visibility and are their journey to make their career successful in ways that makes it meaningful for them.


With grace, I am progressing to impact a million people positively by 2030.


If you would like to work with a coach who can help you grow in your career and who can challenge backed with compassion, you can count on me!

My target segment ideally is someone Director and above who is looking to grow into higher leadership roles.


The commonly used adjectives to describe me are 'wise', 'unique', 'authentic', 'preceptor'.

Industry experience, Education & Credentials

I have worked in the IT Services industry, serving clients in the Telecom, Semi-conductor, Networking Sectors leading million-dollar programs with a team size of 100+.


I have also worked in a start-up as a Transformation coach in their journey towards 10X valuation.


As an Executive coach, I enable leaders to grow in their career, build influence and strategic thinking.


I hold

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree specialising in Systems & Finance from National Institute of Technology

  • Master of Science (MSc) degree in Psychology specialising in Organisational Behaviour from Madras University

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) Certification from International Coach Federation (ICF). 

  • EMCC Senior Practitioner

  • Certified NLP Coach certification from American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

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