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Are you a restless leader?

Restlessness is an inability to stay still, calm when life doesn't move the way we want.

As a leader it impacts your:

  • Decision making

  • Resourcefulness

  • Presence

  • Feeling of abundance

What brings in this restlessness?

  • Unrealised Vision

  • A lingering project

  • Non-conversion of a major client

  • Not (yet) being considered for next level

  • Your version of Performance Vs your Manager's

  • Sick/Suffering dear one...

Any of life's events can trigger restlessness. Restlessness shows up as:

  • Distraction

  • Lack of focus

  • Fidgeting behaviour

  • Frustration

  • Anger

  • Loss of faith

If restlessness is impacting the way you show up as a leader, what can you be / do differently?

  1. Leverage the power of the body

Restlessness shows up in the body as movement, as the property of element "air".

Air is free, it moves around, cannot be contained and does not like boundaries.

The anti-dote of that would be ground oneself firmly - like providing a string to the kite.

- Keep your legs firmly on the ground with awareness.

- Walk bare-foot on the Earth.

This would provide a counter-balance to restlessness.

2. Leverage the power of the mind

Restlessness is an indication that your mind is wandering at high speed like running down from a hill to valley with no brakes on.

One of the ways to moderate it is by moderating the breath. The other is to take an observer perspective and watch it run without getting entangled in the story. Any technique like yoga, meditation, Taichi - to enable this - would help you reduce restlessness.

3. Just take the next step

Quieten your mind, reflect on your situation and arrive at just the next step. Execute it.

The mind loves certainty and agency.

Anything that gives a feeling that you are in control, will help it rest better.

4. Back to basics

The parasympathetic nervous system also called the system responsible for 'rest and digest' has the ability to bring us to back being centered.

Chew your food and eat slowly.

Regulate your sleep.

Be aware if your stressors and counter-balance them with activities that nourish you including physical activity, meaningful relationships, travel, spirituality etc.

What helps you tide over your restlessness?

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