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Five things to stop doing for your promotion

Stop for promotion

Career Growth is one of the top goals that executives like to be coached on.

After coaching hundreds of executives in the last 9 years, these are reoccurring patterns of how one can sabotage their own career growth.

So what are the 5 things you can stop doing for your own career growth?

Fantasy land of promotion exepectations
Fantasy land of promotion exepectations
  1. Living in Fantasy land

You may have an idea of what gets you into the next role. You may also have taken steps to bridge the gap.

However not having your manager's buy-in for what it takes make it to get to the next role and what you need to demonstrate to get there in reasonable timeline - is something that needs to be discussed and agreed upon.

Not having this gap analysis and not having a conversation around it reduces your chance of your next promotion by 50%.

So stop living in fantasy land (aka your head) and make it real for yourself.

Overdoing current role

2. Overdoing your performance in current role

Many executives believe that your current performance has the highest bearing on your next role.

To get a promotion, they want to over-perform in the current role thinking that if they are indispensable, they will get promoted.

If you are indispensable, you will stay in the current role till someone can find a better candidate.

Getting to the next role is about your potential to do the next role well. If you want to demonstrate, volunteer for an activity of the next role and do it well.

Not having success plan

3. Not creating a succession plan

You cannot leave your current role unless there is someone to backfill you.

Consciously build your succession plan.

Help your directs close the gap for next role.

Hoarding information and making people miss you for your work will only make you stay in the current role longer.

Going with flow

4. Going with the flow for too long

Some executives realise that their promotions are getting delayed very late in the game.

They don't prepare for next role neither they articulate their career direction, possible roles and measures of success.

The best time to start working for the next role is in the first year you got promoted.

Do not go with the flow and wake up late. You need to own your career story.

Blind beliefs

5. Outdated belief system

Our careers - as it stands today in a hybrid world - needs a different belief system.

We are not co-located, we work globally with diverse set of people each coming with their own models of sense making.

Some beliefs like 'my work will speak for itself', 'my manager should notice and promote me', 'I will do only my work and not influence stakeholders' will take us nowhere.

They are not wrong beliefs to hold on to. They are not relevant to the current work context and will not help you grow.

What would you like to stop doing for your promotion?

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