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How to handle transitions?

When we travel in a vehicle, we see trees, houses and people pass us by, and disappear from our eye sight.

There is a continuous inflow of things that vanish from our experience to be replenished soon.

Sometimes we feel lost because we cannot place where we are. We have left familiar territory and not yet reached the destination. Something is unsettling. We cannot name it. However there is a feeling of restlessness.

Some of us look at the time & get restless.

Some of us make use of the time & engage in reading, listening to songs, doing work etc.

Some of us take solace at looking at location software to figure out where are we and how much time there is to reach the destination.

And yet there is some of us choose to enjoy what goes by, the wind in our face and the joy that comes with being nowhere.

Transitions are journey times.

Sometimes they may create an illusion of being lost - lost to the past and yet to happen future.

The mind wanders imagining a threat that doesn’t exists.

It creates anxiety sometimes and curiosity sometime else.

It looks like you are moving but are reaching nowhere.

When you are venturing into an uncertain future - a new role, a new city, a new company, a new relationship, a new life cycle change, know with the above signals that you are in transition.

And like travellers, you have a choice to become restless or engage or rationalise or just enjoy the transition.

An unwelcome change is harder than a welcome one. It just keeps you in the lost space for long.

However, you can sure make it on the other side with confidence & trust.

Below could ease your transition:

1. Give it time - Time is a great leveller. It ensures impermanence of everything. So if you are overwhelmed, just pause and give yourself time to process the change. Be less self critical when you feel that the ground is moving underneath your feet.

2. Process your loss - When you move to greener pastures, there will be people, things & feelings that you leave behind. Take time to write them down and process your loss. It could mean that you feel sad, you say good byes, cherish old times, or whatever way you process loss.

3. Welcome the present moment - However hard it is to be present without knowing what future holds, ground yourself to present moment - go for a walk, sing, dance, mediate, play - stay in the uncomfortable present instead of running to past or future.

4. Become curious - Once you reach your destination, just be curious of what you are finding instead of wishing them to be some way. You may feel nostalgic in the first few days and slowly you will get used to the newness. Feeling nostalgic is ok. That’s how we process change.

5. Gratitude journal :

Gratitude helps us realise how far we have come. At the end of your day - write 5 things you are grateful for and read them after a month. You will sure be surprised how you did it!

Transitions need not be hard. You can choose to experience them without resisting them.

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