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How to re-imagine on your feet for career growth?


My boss got promoted and is moving out of our BU. I am very happy for her.  At the same time there is some anxiety. There is word going on that there would be structural changes altering portfolios for us, who are directs. Even though it is making me uncomfortable,  I believe this is an opportunity for me to think differently. How can I put my best foot forward to shape my career here on considering this change?

						~ Senior Leader, Financial Services

Sometimes at work, when an event (organisational changes, people changes, difficult customer meetings, team disruptions, failed deliverables) disturbs our version of 'certainty' in any way, we tend to build resistance & defence mechanisms around it. This is because our mind loves certainty & hates change. While this is designed as a self-protecting mechanism, the duration of misery/suffering can be altered to our benefit.

After acknowledging the perceived "loss" due to the event (however long it takes) it is important to to see things with an "opportunity lens".

"Thinking on your feet" is an expression used for being able to think run-time, on the spot, unprepared.

So what we need get ready for is to "Re-imagine on your feet".

How to reimagine on your feet for career growth?

vantage point
  1. Change where you are looking from

A good question to ask self is - What will a wise person see here as potential?

When we remove our old self and our vantage point, along with it goes the belief system that created such pattern(s) of thought.

This will allow us to look at things from a fresh pair of eyes.

beyond constraints

2. Box constraints & think outside them

Our daily routine, programs us to move within the walls of our constraints.

'Re-imagination' requires us to think beyond them.

How does one lose them?

List all your constraints. Write them down. Keep them some place safe (literally). Tell yourself they are safe and you can get back to them anytime you need.

Now think without being boundaries by them. If your mind comes up with excuses or goes blank - it is ok. Persist to discover what you like to do next, in the changed circumstances.

magic wand

3. Magic wand

What if you had a magic wand? What would you create with it for yourself at work?

The best of work, promotion, a great team?

What would be your "forever" kind of work?

What would you be proud of accomplishing?

show up

4. Raise your hand & show up

Most often anxiety builds up because we feel powerless due to an inability use our agency.

Once you have changed your vantage point, dropped constraints and used the magic wand, it's time to show up as ready to share your created world & to take new responsibilities.

Show up and claim your space. It doesn't matter what others think. Ask for opportunity to present your growth path from here to all important stakeholders.

What would you do to claim your space?

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