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Sharpen your Focus

For people who love photography like me - the word "focus" carries a special meaning. For some, it's a subtle point that they want the viewer's eyes to go first. For others, it's about the elements that they want to show sharply in a picture. A photographer's satisfaction in the process of capturing a photograph rests in finding "focus" for the chosen composition/story.

This is a lot similar to finding focus in today's work environment.

There is too much clutter in our everyday work that focus eludes many - just like a photograph having too many elements that our eyes do not know which one to look at!

Many of my clients perceive that there is too much stimulus/triggers at work: un-ending meetings, unfinished tasks, un-read emails that haunts them like a ghost & robs them off focus. There is no time to respond and life appears to be a series of unfinished business. Adding to this are the distractions of today - the world condensed in a phone, intolerance to boredom, widespread entertainment, fast food etc. While many of us are conscious of the lack of the lagging indicator - 'time', we are sometimes blind to the lack of underlying leading indicator - "focus".

Focus & Simplicity. Once you get there, you can move mountains.               ~ Steve Jobs

Yes. ‘Once you get here’.

Here is a simple ready reckoner for building focus. No rocket science. These are simple steps.

My all time favourites from the list also relate to finding focus in photography

  1. Use the best aperture in your camera aka do the most important tasks at your best energy window.

  2. Use a tripod - do all that you can to be in balance physically & mentally.

  3. Lower your ISO - Detach from outcomes, be less sensitive & do not tag your identity with task completion. Be there with the process of doing your work.

  4. Keep only the desired elements in the picture - reduce time on tasks that masquerade as important.

Even if you could improve 1% every day on one item in the list, you will be much better off in a year's time!

What if you have a "jedi" like focus? What are you going to accomplish with it?

PS: Some books that would help you get there:

  1. Daily Rituals - How Artists Work - Mason Currey

  2. Deep Work - Rules for focused success in a distracted world - Cal Newport

  3. The Ultimate Focus Strategy - How to Set the Right Goals, Develop Powerful Focus, Stick to the Process, and Achieve Success - Martin Meadows

  4. Fast Focus - A Quick-Start Guide To Mastering Your Attention, Ignoring Distractions, And Getting More Done In Less Time - Damon Zahariades

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