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How to build the right mindset to seize the day!

While everyone can dream, there are a few who traverse the Dream-->Goal-->Action-->Outcome Journey effectively and efficiently.

Many of my clients get stuck in the journey and come with the following challenges:

I procrastinate.
I don't focus enough.
I don't manage time well.
I don't stick to my habits/ actions.
I start but don't finish.

One of the methods that people who traverse the Dream to action journey well use is "rituals".

The field of sports is filled with examples of the usage of rituals - most players have some form of rituals to get into the zone.

Rafael Nadal who has 21 Grand slams is a big proponent of around 19 pre-match rituals. He says,

Rituals are a way of placing myself in a match, ordering my surroundings to match the order I seek in my head.

Many surgeons have a sequence of actions they do before surgery.

Public speakers use it to feel less nervous before their speech. And we can go on.

In simple terms, a ritual has

  • a set of actions, repeated

  • Is symbolic

  • Does not have direct cause and effect with outcome

  • Is more often done as a preparatory step before action or closing step after action.

  • Needs your engagement/presence

Simple Examples would be, morning rituals (Freshen-up, Exercise, Meditate, Pray), End of day rituals (Wind-down, gratitude) etc.

In what way do rituals benefit us?

  • They bring us a sense of control in a VUCA world.

  • They make us less anxious.

  • They increase our focus.

  • They increase performance.

  • They reduce suffering & grief.

  • They help us seize the day!

  • They develop bonging when done together.

  • They help you build a reset to your routine.

How do you build a ritual for yourself?

  1. Decide the "why"/reason you are building a ritual

  2. Choose the "when" or time - choose granularity that you are comfortable with.

  3. Choose the "where" / place.

  4. Engage in creating a set of actions. It can be very small - Like closing your eyes and counting your breaths three times, followed by any movement that centers you.

  5. Repeat them daily with complete attention.

  6. Remember to engage your heart and emotions.

You can catch an interesting conversation I had with my colleague & fellow coach Utkarsh Narang here

What ritual do you follow to get into a mindset of being resourceful?

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