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How to pivot gracefully in your career?

There comes a time when a different future beckons.

You may not know the details of it yet.

And still you feel you are outgrowing your present.

That's the time to prepare for a graceful pivot.

You may do a career change, an organisation change, a role change or a location change.

Whatever be the change, it invites you to let go and let in. Both can be done with grace.

Letting go

  • Get your house in order: Most people believe that they will start organising their portfolio / work when they transition out. That would be too late. You cannot be ready enough for opportunities that come unannounced. Ensure your backup is ready to scale up. Transition what's in your head to people / documents. Ensure they thrive when and if you leave. Don't forget to prepare your family as well.

  • Optimise: Ensure that the best of people and processes are available for those who you may leave behind. When people remember you, let them remember the best work you do as well.

  • Show-up: Show up like it was your first day. Don't leave before you really leave.

  • Be in Gratitude: Be grateful to have been part of a journey

Letting in

  • Scan for opportunities that reflect your deepest ambitions. Accept those which have a stretch.

  • Learn new stuff.

  • Face the fear of the unknown. Put yourself for opportunities that you believe you are not ready yet.

  • When you start somewhere, check yourself for examples and stories from the past. May be your head/heart are yet to move on.

There are other times when a different future arrives unsolicited.

You may not have a choice for "grace" and that's ok.

When you still do, prepare well.

How do you pivot gracefully?

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