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I am like that only!

fault line

Fault line: a problem that may not be obvious and could cause something to fail.

A fault line in one's career is to assume that one's personality/ preference is un-changeable.

When one transitions into strategic roles, there are certain qualities that need a dial up.

They are:

  • Cognitive Agility

  • Risk Taking

  • Strategic thinking

  • Ability to influence through inter-personal relationships.

  • Building a brand for self.

While coaching leaders who are in this zone of transition, the belief that comes in the way is

"I am like that only!"

This is built on the false notion that with the right nurturing, one cannot change / build one's skillset in a zone of discomfort.

This is a major fault line in one's career.

How does one overcome this fault line?

growth mindset

The concept of growth and fixed mindsets was coined by psychologist Carol Dweck in her 2006 book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

One of the key factors in overcoming this career fault line is to have a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a belief in yourself that you have the ability to learn what you don't know already.

Having a growth mindset enables you to

  1. Stretch yourself to the next role

  2. Take risks that serve you

  3. Improve your self confidence

  4. Surprise yourself

  5. Discover hidden strengths

  6. Become resilient

  7. Be inspiring

  8. Become fulfilled

It starts with taking baby steps to learn things of your choice initially.

If you find it hard to talk to a group of new people, it means you start talking to 2 new people in the cafeteria for just 2 mins.

If you are challenged with strategic thinking, it means to learn how to group things - from trees to the forest.

How do you like to bridge fault lines in your career?


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