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Leading when playbooks fail.

I took over a senior strategic position and my leadership playbook is failing for the current times. Whatever used to work is not working. For my current role with high responsibilities and high risk, its important I re-define my playbook now.     
                                       ~ Senior Leader, Energy

Times of rapid change don't need a planned playbook. They need your presence to be able to vary your leadership and address what is there before you.

Your past accolades remain history. Your past experience becomes a baggage. The future remains uncertain for a longer time. The only time that is available is the present.

We invest a lot of time in skilling ourselves in "doing". We hardly spend some time in "being". The former is tangible and easily perceivable. The latter is subtle and cause and effect relationship is difficult to come by.

When everything else around you is changing externally, what's your Pole star? What gives you anchor to march past new challenges? What gives you energy to get up everyday and show up?

  1. Be the leader who you would like to be described as

If people who you lead are asked about you, what are the three adjectives you like to be described as? It can be Compassionate, Visionary, role model, supportive etc. In your every day choices, strive to be the person who you like to be described as.

2. Let go of the baggage

Get unstuck with your usual method of leading. Look for ways that work with the current context and current team.

Let go of the need to talk about your past accolades.

Keep the learning from the past and let go of the methods that worked and did not work.

Lead your people with the appropriate individualisation.

Talk to customers with curiosity.

See the journey with a new pair of eyes.

Keep your processor free to process new experiences.

3. Live your Core Values

It's easy to lose sight of one's values when circumstances change. Reflect on them once more and align yourself to them.

Non-alignment to one's core values creates internal conflict and external lack of clarity.

4. Build certainty in the moment

The present moment is as real as it gets.

Co-create certainty in the moment instead of planning to far into the future. Its not to say that future planning is bad. However uncertain times don't guarantee the future you are planning for. So its important to remain agile.

Be present to what, who is right in front of you.

Collaborate well.

Bring all your energy.

Be the inspiration you want to see in the world.

Who would you choose to be as a leader?

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