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Leveraging Better judgement for your next play!

Its 2 years since I got into my strategic role. I have learnt a lot. I have performed very well. Now I am on cruise control. 

What should I do next? Well thinking about it, there are some roles/choices. I want to judge fitment Vs opportunities before I gravitate towards them. What can help me walk out with a Big 'Yes' when I searching for my next play?
                                   ~ Regional Head HR, eCommerce

"Judgement" is an ability to sensibly form opinions or decisions.

Some people predominantly use their cognition, some their intuition, some their instinct and some others their emotions to arrive at it.

Those who are aligned in their head, heart and gut use a synthesis of all these to arrive at judgement.

In their book, Clients for Life, Jagdish Sheth & Andrew Sobel talk about a simple formula for Judgement.

Judgement = (Facts) * (Experience) * (Personal Values)

Extending it to arriving at your next play [NP],

Judgement [NP] = (Opportunities/ Choices) NP * (Your strengths/experience)NP * (Your personal values/roadmap)NP

Its easier said than done. However each of the parts contribute to make it a 'Big Yes' for you.

This is how my clients have formed their judgement that helped them narrow on their next play.

  1. Opportunities / Choices:

Keep your radar open for new opportunities that emerge in your industry, organisation, Geography etc.

Network with people who are already performing the roles of your choice.

Careers need not be linear these days. You could also look at your passion and create a new category/ join a new age band-wagon if you will, if you are aware of the trends.

These would broaden your choices for the next play. The key skill here is not to get stuck with boundaries you are drawing around yourself on where you need to be.

Expand, push the boundaries farther and you will probably get to the next play well.

2. Experience/ Strength

Your career span would have ideally helped you learn and be an expert/knowledge in your domain/tech/area. Leverage that as a spring board into your next play.

Some of us under-estimate being 'Jack of all trades'. Generalists have an ability to go into lateral roles with low learning curves.

So you could be an expert or a generalist - look at what you do well and leverage it to pick your next role.

Also remember to work on your strengths and not get bogged down by your AOI.

3. Personal Values / Road Map

Some of us have an inclination to go to certain roles, certain type of work or to create impact and value. Let your next play align to that road map.

Going into next role transactionally based on opportunities alone will lead to delays in following your road map.

We also have a set of personal values - to be respected, to be valued, etc that needs to get realised in whatever we do. While most of us are good in forming career roadmaps, destination or direction, we seldom think about our values. Your fulfilment depends on you living your values.

How do you use your judgement to arrive at your next play?

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