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About Me

Priya Venkatesan is an Executive Coach specialising in Leadership and Teams. She works with business leaders & individuals to develop Strategic Thinking, Influence, Visibility & Energy for Career aspirations.

A Coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear,
who helps you see what you don't want to
so you can be who you always knew you could be.
~Tom Landry

My Services

Private Meeting
Business Meeting
Financial Advisor

Executive One-On-One Coaching

If you are a leader who would like to help yourself or people at your skip levels achieve below outcomes,

one-o-one Coaching is for you!

Outcomes: Career growth, Role transitions, Strategic Thinking, Brand Building, Improved performance, Communication, Behaviour change, etc.

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Executive Group Coaching

If you are a cross functional leader leading  disparate functions or objectives and you would like your team to achieve below outcomes, group coaching is for you!


Outcomes: Greater synergy, Collaboration, Progress towards strategic goals, Managing peer relationships, Influencing without structure, Managing diversity etc.

Executive Advisory + Coaching

If you are a leader in the Tech Industry looking for a combination of custom advisory and coaching, this is for you!

Outcomes: Custom advisory & program design on the area of your choice area including Strategic Thinking, Building Visibility, Team Collaboration etc

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My Clients Work for

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Priya and myself worked together for six months to sharpen my thinking and action plan on my further career development. We immediately created an open and trusting relationship. Priya’s coaching brought our new view points supported by some helpful simple models to work on shaping my thoughts or guiding action. Encouraging & challenging when needed, it increased my clarity on where to go and the way forward. Thank you!“ 

VP, Fortune 500, Tech

Priya has a wonderful open vibe which makes it easy to talk to her. Her coaching style promotes self reflection and actually I had my aha moment after the discussion. You have helped me recognize that it is okay to think completely differently from the mainstream. 

CFO, Fortune 500, Tech

Thank you for your time and excellent coaching Priya. I enjoyed our time and the way you approached our sessions. I got a lot of value and I could see the results from my end of year feedback. 

Country Head, Fortune 500, Pharma

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