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Are you the worst “miser” in your life?

There are several martyrs in the corporate world, just short of making the supreme sacrifice.

Some of them don’t know even what are they sacrificing for.

Some think it’s their duty.

Some do it to be adored.

Some want to be seen as a giver/ an inspirational leader.

Some think they are changing the world.

A few do this for livelihood.

A few for a larger purpose.

All this for some organisation/ person to see that they are good and acknowledge that they amazing. Also for (in)significant people around to see that they have arrived in life. Sometimes to satisfy one's own ego.

And anyone who doesn't acknowledge their greatness is a miser/acts stingy in their dictionary.

In most coaching conversations, the table is turned - What are you willing to give yourself?

Do you give yourself time to breathe?

Do you give yourself focus to do a job well?

Do you give yourself rest?

Do you give yourself forgiveness for not being perfect?

Do you give yourself time with family?

Do you give yourself an hour of friendly chat at the park?

Do you acknowledge yourself for a job well done?

Do you give yourself permission to be who you are?

Who is the real miser? Others or you?

Well if you don't like what you see in the mirror, change yourself!

Start today to be and do things that make your heart sing. That could be

  • Listen to a song you have’nt heard for long

  • Have a cup of tea looking at nature

  • Talk with your child without getting distracted

  • Turn few pages out of the book you always wanted to read

  • Give 5 mins to your passion

  • Take the camera out and shoot the rain!

  • Ask to be heard with complete attention in a team meeting.

  • Speak your mind when you need to.

  • Forgive yourself on an average presentation

  • Laugh with a group of friends.

The list is endless.

If we are not generous with ourselves who else will?

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