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Financial freedom, beliefs & career choices

Financial freedom

Ever wondered how to traverse the dilemma of working for money Vs working for self fulfilment?

Your belief system could help you.

One of the most cited reasons for not taking action towards career fulfilment is

This job (that I don't like) gives me the financial stability I need.

Prima facie, it could be valid. There is nothing wrong in prioritising 'earning a living'.

What one needs to be aware of are the assumptions & fallacies that could be hidden for the above to be true as in:

  1. My job is the only source of my financial stability

  2. Its a risk to let it go/ look for a new one

  3. Financial stability is more important than financial freedom

  4. My wants are my needs

  5. Change means toppling the apple cart.

  6. I am less if I don't earn a salary

Validating & checking the veracity of these beliefs can help you make the right decisions that will help you to grow. This will ensure that nothing in your mind is coming in the way of your growth.


What beliefs need to be updated for you to feel more fulfilled in your career?

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