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How to maintain momentum?


Many people are eager to start something that they believe will change their life.

Once the starting euphoria is through, they complain of losing momentum.

I have lost count of the number of times, I am asked - in coaching other people who do this consistently, what have you observed as the difference?

The expectation is that there is something earth shattering to discover that's available to others but not to me.

Hate to burst the bubble, but there is nothing earth shattering in people who create the momentum and stick it. What they do is plain boring and is available to the knowledge of everyone.

How to maintain momentum?

Even before they actually lose the momentum, they are aware that they need to press the accelerator when needed. They simply follow the cycle of 'Aware-->Act->Aware' till they achieve their outcome.

This might look like an oversimplification. However it is not.



Awareness is to notice how you are this moment. What is working for you, what is not.

Being aware requires you to ignore the drama around you to look at yourself in the mirror.

It is to be able to have a pause to evaluate how you are doing. Being aware is to smell the scent of your body and mind in a way that can make you resourceful.

It is to know where it pains and where it is great! It is to take the attention of your mind and point it to yourself.



Awareness remains an 'Utopia' until it gets followed by action.

Action is the only way to change reality.

Thinking about reality is not changing reality - this is the boring truth.

Action need not be grandeous. When you notice that your exercise time is getting shorter, you choose to change it. You get up 5 mins earlier and add 5 more mins to your exercise routine. Even if you get up later than usual, you still wear your shoes and go out for the run of 15 mins instead of 60 mins.

Momentum is built by doing small actions, towards your goal - they need not be perfect actions.


Aware (repeat)

Continuously assess your state & your ability to translate words into actions till it reaches your desired level.

If you missed your "study time", study 5 mins next day, and 5 more the next. If you back track, start from 5 mins.

Does it sound boring? Maybe. Does it work? Hell 'Yes'

What can you do to preserve momentum in your goals?

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