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How to reflect on a year gone by?

Anyone who does thread/ wool work/knitting can tell you how powerful knots can be. They can ruin your creation or enhance it just by their mere presence. Most often they are a test to our patience as a creator. Unravelling them takes time and energy. Once done, there is relief and excitement around what could be.

Invariably they leave you better at your craft!

As we reflect on the year 2021, going by, it may be useful to ponder on where our knots were in this year.

Where did we manage to remain "unstuck"?. Where did we get stuck the most?

I found the idea of "grantis" (Sanskrit word meaning "knots") in Yoga a powerful metaphor to start reflections. Even-though the knots are used in a larger context in Yoga, it still serves the purpose to make our thinking holistic.

There are *3 grantis - Brahma Granti, Vishnu Granti, Rudra Granti. These are the points where energy gets stuck in our body as it travels across.

Brahma Granti is when energy gets stuck over survival instincts - food, water, shelter etc

When one does not have this knot, they are well grounded and stable. They have a good perspective on reality. They don't get carried away by fight or flight responses.

When someone is knotted, they have a feeling of hopelessness, fear and shame. They are forever worried on existential issues.

Vishnu Granti is when energy get stuck over emotions of love, passion and ambition.

When one does not have this knot, they wear power lightly. They are more into having a higher purpose. They serve others with their power. They have a sense of equanimity.

When one is knotted, they have high ego, are ambitious for selfish reasons and like to be kept on a pedestal. They seek fame.

Rudra Granti is when energy gets stuck in knowledge/mental attachments.

When one does not have this knot, they have true knowledge of the self. They don't see themselves as separate from others. They are highly creative. They seek purity & harmony.

When one has the knot - they believe their intellectual accumulation to be true knowledge. They are prejudiced and have dark pride in being one up over another on knowledge.

Now to the reflections: Wear an observer hat and look at time & energy you spent in 2021

  1. Where did you spend most of your time & energy? Is it on survival, ambition or knowledge?

  2. Where did you manage to stay away from the knots and were as resourceful as you can be?

  3. Where did you get challenged by the knots?

  4. What will you do differently to stay away from the knot in 2022?

  5. Where will you invest your time & energy in 2022 to be the human you want to be?

Happy reflections & holidays!

Courtesy: Prana-Sutra

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