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Leveraging 2 Ps for Effective Senior Leadership

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"I am a planner. I prepare to execute my senior role well. When an opportunity matching my expectation comes along then I find it easy to address it and make it a win. However if a new opportunity emerges which does not match my preparation, and yet is good for my organisation, I somehow lose my confidence and fail to grab it. What can I do differently to face new opportunities that come beyond my expectations?"
~ Senior Leader, Tech

Senior leadership roles demand of you to walk between polarities. One such polarity is being a 'planner' v/s 'being present' in the moment.

They look seemingly like two extreme stands but the integration of both creates effectiveness in leadership. Being a planner 'always' does not lead to effectiveness as we live in a BANI world. Similarly being always in the moment with execution not matching the talk also leads to disappointments.

We may have a preference for a certain polarity - some people like to plan and prepare, some like to be in the moment. Some use both in moderation.

Preparation gives you an edge for known opportunities. Presence gives you an edge for new opportunities.

Leveraging both preparation & presence helping you handle expected and unexpected opportunities.

While most senior leaders are good with preparing for known opportunities, it's in presence that they struggle most. It's because they don't see a linear path for being present.

What helps senior leaders leverage presence that we can learn from?


1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when your senses and mind are present to 'what is' around you. It means you are conscious of yourself and others around you.

Mindfulness allows for more feedback and tailoring your perspective to the audience.

Mindfulness on the part of the leader helps to notice:

  • what is not said

  • underlying dynamics

  • patterns

  • their own team's capability and challenges

  • when one is over-promising

  • when one is not stretching enough

  • their own state of being that leads to confidence.

More on how to manage restlessness and be more mindful here.


2. Guarding Mindspace

The leaders Mind space is one of the most important success criteria in this BANI world. It can make or break focus and concentration.

Being caught up with one's story is a mind space killer. It also disrupts attention.

Lack of attention in the part of the leader is very costly for the overall vision and organisation.

More on how to guard your mind space here.

What works for you to be present in key moments of your career?

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